How Much Do We Really Love Online Video?

How Much Do We Really Love Online Video?

Video infographic that shows our evolving relationship with dynamic multimedia content.

Ross Brooks
  • 7 april 2014

Even though Shutterstock is known for its photographs, the website recently partnered with comScore to create a video infographic that profiles the herculean rise of online video within the digital world. “Show Me Something” tells the story of how our relationship with moving pictures has evolved since they came online.

A key finding shown in the video relates to advertising, regardless of whether you consider that a good or a bad thing. 61% of the American population watched an average of 397 online videos in the month of January, 2014, of which 36% (or about 143 per person) were advertisements.This is more than double the number of ads from 2011, when 15% of online videos were ads.


Another key trend points towards mobile usage, which is an ever-increasing medium to consume digital content. In 2012,
1 in 12 videos were watched via mobile, while in 2013, that frequency jumped to 1 in 6. It’s unlikely the shift towards mobile devices will lose steam any time soon either.

Much of the data was pulled from a comScore (paid) product called Video Metrix, which allows users to break country-specific into a multitude of different data points. Shutterstock even used the tool to create different videos based on four different sets of regional data (for the U.S., Germany, Brazil, and France), each of which is in that’s particular country language as well.


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