Beacons will allow you to pay for your morning latte or snacks with a tap on your Samsung device.

The quest to have the newest, thinnest, and smallest device will not be slowing down anytime soon. Keeping that in mind, PayPal is piloting a new payment option which would allow people to leave their bulky wallets and many credit cards at home, instead paying for items with their smartwatches.

PayPal's corporate headquarters is located in San Jose, CA, and like many companies, it has a company cafe on the the grounds. Employing beacons, PayPal is using its workers and their Samsung smartwatches to test a new payment method for items purchased inside this cafe. When an employee gets within range of the Bon Appetit, their name and photo are forwarded to cash registers. This allows the cafe employees to greet people by their names, keep track of their favorite orders, and finally get customer names right (have you seen the Facebook page?).

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