Personal Dating Assistants is a site that provides "date coaching" for men, including ghostwriters on their online profile to get them dates.

The world of online dating has become a competitive battlefield. No longer considered an embarrassing secret, online dating is the du jour way to meet someone. But with the proliferation of choice, it has become harder to actually score a date. Enter Personal Dating Assistants, a new site that boost men’s online personas to ensure more dates each month.

PDA posits online dating as a competitive sport between men and only the ‘top performers’ get dates with ‘attractive women’. PDA offers ghostwriters who revamp profiles and write messages to prospective women. The site say it uses science and data to carve out the perfect personality for the man to attract the exact women he wants. This includes photo selection and ‘key buzzwords’ to get him notice. The next step is the crucial messaging stage. Here the assistants engage in conversation with women, showing a deep personal interest in them. The site reads:

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