Foldaway Wind Turbine Charges Phones Outside [Video]


Trinity can charge a mobile or tablet.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 16 april 2014

Devices like smartphones and tablets generally have a battery life that last for almost a day, but with all the apps we have running in the background these days, they usually just last for a few hours. That is why many users are constantly carrying power banks or portable chargers with them. Those who want to go the clean sustainable energy route may want to take a look at a new portable wind turbine that’s currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

Trinity is a portable generator that can charge any USB device.


Trinity has three blades that open up when the aluminum legs are pulled out flat or into a tripod set-up. Pushing the legs back in automatically closes the blades. The device folds together into an easy-to-carry 12-inch cylinder.

Trinity has a built-in battery that holds 15,000 mAh and a 15W generator. The device has a USB plug to charge devices and a mini USB plug as well so that it can also be charged via a wall outlet.


It’s designed to be used anywhere and everywhere – at the park, at the beach, while going camping or sailing, and of course, in emergency situations.

The Kickstarter campaign doesn’t end until June 1st. At the time of posting, interested folks are still able order their own Trinity for as low as $249 and expect it to ship by January next year. The device is expected to retail for $399 when it launches.


Check out the Kickstarter video for the project below.


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