More platforms are involving groups or communities to create products or services that benefit a whole society.

This week, we've seen an explosion of articles related to a theme we're dubbing the Collective Experience, where products or services involve a group or community larger than just the user. From a sensor that tracks the comings and goings of cafe customers to Etsy's craft program designed to uplift entire communities, these platforms benefit the greater good in one way or another.

Check out some of these platforms below.

Infrared Sensors Detect The Human Traffic In Locations

Developed by software engineer Matthew Pegula for innovation studio Deeplocal, “Is It Bumpin?” is a low-tech infrared tracker that detects how many people are coming in and out of a location – allowing users to assess whether they want to visit that location or not. “Is It Bumpin?” currently has one live location, Voluto Coffee in Pittsburgh, but they are working on adding more in the near future.

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