Publock Ensures That You’ll Never Have To Carry Around A Bike Lock Again [Video]


The public bike lock system fits onto any existing bicycle racks and can be accessed and secured via a personal RFID card.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 25 april 2014

Developed by engineers Joe Hill, Alex Neier, Joe Polin and Justin Starr, PubLock is a public-use bike locking station designed to be the solution to issues associated with other commonly-used bike locks.

The PubLock system fits into any existing bike racks and eliminates the need to bring a personal lock because it can be used by any rider with a personal RFID card. The lock is also designed to be tamper-proof and is made with extremely sturdy materials, making it difficult to break apart.

According to the creators, the system only helps riders secure their bikes appropriately without the need to bring a personal lock, but also encourages proper use of the bike lock system since the design makes it nearly impossible to use improperly.

Sometimes riders can’t get other types of locks like U-locks and cable locks locked properly and end up with their bikes stolen. The PubLock is easy to use and lock, lowering the risk for theft. With many universities now embedding RFID chips in their student ID cards, there wont be a need for a separate PubLock card in the near future.


Watch the video below for a demo of PubLock.


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