Reinvented Wheel Can Roll Smoothly Down Stairs [Video]


Softwheel is making it possible for wheelchairs and bikes to ride over bumps and steps without the rider falling off.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 29 april 2014

Startup Softwheel is all about going out of the box to reinvent the wheel. They develop wheel-based suspension technologies designed to give bike and wheelchair users a more comfortable ride.

The company’s selective suspension technology acts when the wheel encounters an impact that is above a specified threshold, which can be pre-set by the rider and changed any time.


The innovative suspension system consist of three prongs and a hub that shifts from its central position to create a cushioning effect and absorbs the impact of bumps encountered by the wheel. The hub smoothly returns to its normal position after the bump has been passed. The wheel stays rigid during a normal ride on smooth roads or pavements.


The technology makes it possible for bikes and wheelchairs to safely ride over bumps and even stairs.

Softwheel currently has two types of wheels fitted with their technology, the Acrobat™ wheel for wheelchairs and the Fluent™ wheel for bike riders.


Source: Business Insider

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