Motorcycle Tracker Lets Bikers Leave Choppers Without Worry

Motorcycle Tracker Lets Bikers Leave Choppers Without Worry

Motorcycle tracking device by Scorpio safeguards prized possessions.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 april 2014

Coming back to your bike when it’s been knocked over is the same as getting a nasty ding when you’re away from your car, but Scorpio, who designs and produces motorcycle tracking and alarm solutions, has come up with a solution. Their “Ride” system alerts you when someone is tampering with your bike, and in the event it’s stolen, can even help the police get it back.

Ride consists of a GoPro-sized module that’s fitted inside your bike, and plugs directly into the battery. It relays information to an iOS or Android app that can monitor location, tire pressure, battery charge remaining, and people who are a little bit too hands-on with your bike.


Should someone make off with your prized possession, you can switch on the app’s Emergency Mode. It will generate a pin code that police can use to access the bike’s live location feed, which is accurate to between 10 and 20 feet. If the module is unhooked from the battery, there’s a secret supply of energy that will give the police enough time to track down the bike before it’s gone forever.


The system can also keep track of performance, which includes information such as the top speed on a particular ride, along with distance and time. If you’re the sharing type, you can also upload the data, complete with a map, to Twitter or Facebook. If the journey is a roundtrip, the system can even alert your friends when you’re about to arrive back at your starting destination.

All of this will set you back $219, not including accessories, and you have to take into consideration a $10.95 monthly fee for the data package. When you take into consideration customizations and the total outlay on your bike, it might actually start to sound like a good deal.



Images: Scorpio

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