Sound Graffiti Travels Around The World Via UPS [Pics]

Sound Graffiti Travels Around The World Via UPS [Pics]
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The Silent Shout surprises unsuspecting strangers with music.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 april 2014

Conceived by multidisciplinary artists Luciano Foglia and Bas Horsting, The Silent Shout Project asked five artists to send a message across the world. They were allowed to select the recipient of the mini sound installation, but the mail’s message lives on the outside, surprising accidental listeners by randomly playing sounds along it’s journey.


The “traveling sonic graffiti” contains a speaker, a chip
and batteries that last for at least two weeks. Artists were asked to create any
audio piece that they want, and they more or less defined the path the art piece will travel, but it isn’t known how and where exactly it will go before reaching its destination.

Once there, each box becomes an autonomous miniature sound installation, with the chip (like those in greeting cards) hacked so it executes a custom program containing one or various sounds, loops, random bursts, and silence.

The first artist to participate in the project is Dick Verdult. You can view more images of The Silent Shout below:




The Silent Shout Project
Sources: Cool Hunting

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