Sky Drawings Squeeze Into The Negative Space Above Buildings [Pics]

Sky Drawings Squeeze Into The Negative Space Above Buildings [Pics]
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Fresh perspective uncovers a surrealist world above our heads.

Ross Brooks
  • 17 april 2014

If you look directly above you in most cities around the world, chances are you will see nothing more than a blue sky and buildings. For some people, like French artist and illustrator Thomas Lamadieu, there is an entire world hidden in those shapes and spaces – all of which come to life in his Sky Art collection shown below.

Lamadieu first started creating imaginative scenes in the sky almost a year ago today. His style has continued to evolve since then, with his most recent illustration drawn onto locations in Germany, Canada, Belgium and France.


Mostly shot from crowded European courtyards and four-way intersections, his illustrations feature various bearded men expressing themselves through different artistic mediums. Some of the images take on an extremely surreal appearance, which helps to push your perspective even further outside of its comfort zone.


Here are a couple of images from Lamadieu’s first Sky Art collection.


Thomas Lamadieu

[h/t] Colossal

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