IFTTT Doormat Turns On Gadgets When You Walk In The Door

IFTTT Doormat Turns On Gadgets When You Walk In The Door

The SmartMat can be programmed with a number of functions in a 'smart home' setting.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 4 april 2014

If you have ever come home with your hands too full to flip the light switch, or wondered if your kids actually came straight home from school, then SmartMat is the product for you. SmartMat is a Kickstarter project that goes under door mats to triggers certain actions when pressure triggered. You can program it to send you a text when your kids walk in, turn on the lights when you get home, or even turn on the TV when someone sits on the couch.


SmartMat connects via any WiFi connection to perform pre-programmed tasks using uses the Electric Imp platform. Each SmartMat has its own unique webpage where users can monitor activity in real-time, reques alerts via text, email, or tweet, or manage battery life.

IFTTT seeks to combine triggers and actions for products people use every day, so its no surprise they got behind SmartMat. Created by engineer and entrepreneur Dr. Andrew Clark, out of South Carolina, SmartMat differs from other sensor mats in a few ways, besides its customization and weight distinguishing abilities. When force is applied to a traditional sensor it merely activates. With the SmartMat, however, the output is proportional to the force applied. In addition, SmartMat uses a polymer sensor, making it the most durable sensor around. Also, SmartMat’s five layers are heat-sealed together, giving it protection from the weather.


Smartmat is a great addition to the Internet of Things. It can let you know when your pet is ready to come in or when your package has arrived. It allows you to log activity via Twitter or Google Docs, and even lets you know when the battery is running low.


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