Robotic Newspaper Printing Machine Satisfies Our Desire For Instant News

Robotic Newspaper Printing Machine Satisfies Our Desire For Instant News

Solar-powered portable printing press reports current events instantly using social media.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 april 2014

As part of this year’s Milan Design Week, Dezeen have partnered with design research collaborative Space Caviar to create a solar-powered machine that uses advanced algorithms to generate news. The device publishes free news in real-time, all of which is sourced from live speeches and social media streams related to the event’s proceedings.

Space Caviar have dubbed the algorithm Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), and will distribute printed copies to anyone attending the event. Dezeen will also make PDFs of the articles available to download for anyone who can’t attend.


Space Caviar co-founder and former Domus editor Joseph Grima wanted to try and answer one particular question.

“Can the seemingly dead medium of print publishing adapt to the electronic age’s demand for instant gratification by embracing the speed of Twitter streams, Storify and various other social media?”

For its first real-world test, FOMO will be used to report on a series of talks about
contemporary design practice, which includes themes such as sustainability, weightlessness and seamlessness. The On The Fly project allows anyone to take part by using the #OnTheFlyMilan hashtag on social media between April 9th and April 11th, from 5.00 to 7.30pm CET.


Space Caviar
[h/t] Dezeen


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