Solar-Powered Umbrella Inflates Automatically When The Sun Comes Out

Solar-Powered Umbrella Inflates Automatically When The Sun Comes Out

Cumulus Parasol takes the effort out of a beach day.

Ross Brooks
  • 1 april 2014


Studio Toer’s Cumulus Parasol is a solar-powered umbrella that inflates itself in under 20 seconds whenever the sun comes out. The clever little device actually looks more like a cloud than a traditional umbrella, but it’s still a great way to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

The umbrella was released during Milan Design Week 2014, and features an aerodynamic design that can stand up to adverse weather conditions. For days when it’s not needed, there is also a manual override switch you can use. It’s also got a silicone coating to ensure it stays dry when rain is a factor.


Even though it’s an idea that will appeal to some, there is no information on whether or not it will be available, or how much it would cost. That means you will have to rely on physical exertion and a traditional parasol for the time being.


Cumulus Parasol

[h/t] Gizmodo


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