StairMaster Scooter Is The Fittest Way To Commute

StairMaster Scooter Is The Fittest Way To Commute
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Revamped bicycle combines the additional exercise potential of a step machine.

Ross Brooks
  • 15 april 2014

Based on the Scandinavian idea that a sustainable life is as much about the people as it is the planet, Me-Mover combines the high-intensity workout of a stepping machine, with the convenience and eco-friendly features of a bicycle. The unique three-wheeled design is perfect for commuters, casual riders, and even tourists, all of whom can can benefit from better posture and increased fitness.

The relatively small size of Me-Mover means that it can glide around obstacles and safely navigate city streets. Safety is also improved thanks to the fact you’re a full head height above everyone else, and never have to dismount due to the stability of the three-wheel design.


While Me-Mover provides a full-body workout that targets your legs, gluteals, hip flexors, and core, it’s a workout that you control. Get some light exercise on your way to work, see how fast you can race to the store, or go for a long-distance ride at the weekend – the choice is yours. The company also claims the Me-Mover beats traditional cycling by 40 percent, at least when it comes to intensity.

Best of all, the bicycle stepper is easy to fold down so you can carry it with you on other forms of public transportation, or put it in the car for long-distance journeys. The Me-Mover’s Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its goal, but still has more than a week to go, which means you can get one of these cool runaround vehicles for $1,099 (including delivery).

If you can forgive the cheesy music, also make sure to check out the video below which shows just how versatile the bike is out on the streets.


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