Stockholm Turns A City Billboard Into A Rotating Art Gallery

Stockholm Turns A City Billboard Into A Rotating Art Gallery
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Art week lets amateur artists submit their own pieces for public display.

Ross Brooks
  • 7 april 2014

Stockholm Is Your Canvas” was a recent initiative to promote Stockholm Art Week that allowed Swedish citizens to display a piece of personal art for 30 seconds on a prominent digital billboard in Stureplan, Stockholm. The locations sees more than 450,000 people pass by every day, and gives artists a chance to increase their exposure.

Created by M&C; Saatchi Stockholm, the event was initially only open to those with a Swedish cell phone number – a requirement which was soon changed so that people all over the world could submit. Artists just had to visit the official site, provide their name, the title of their art, city and cell number, before selecting a desired time to show their work. The final step was to submit a file anywhere up to 50 MB that was formatted to a 16:9 aspect ratio.


While many art events can give off a very “elitist” impression and deter people from attending, this is a great example of some promotion that get people involved, regardless of whether or not they consider themselves professional artists.

M&C; Saatchi Stockholm // Stockholm Is Your Canvas

[h/t] MediaBistro


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