Tagg.Ly Lets You Get Credit For Your Smartphone Photography Skills

Tagg.Ly Lets You Get Credit For Your Smartphone Photography Skills

Vice reporter creates an app that instantly watermarks your images.

Ross Brooks
  • 30 april 2014

Our phones make it effortless to share photos and videos, but if you’re a reporter it hasn’t always been easy to retain credit for your own digital content. That’s why Tim Pool, a journalist for Vice, decided to create, a free iPhone app that lets you add a name, logo, location, and timestamp to your photos and videos.

“With my photos, I’m getting 50 to 100 retweets and there’s no way for anyone to know the photo was mine, I’m not getting credit for it and then it’s getting picked up and put on news websites and I’m thinking how do I get my website on there,” says Pool in an interview with


While options such as Marksta and iWatermark already exist, has a much more straightforward interface, not to mention it’s completely free. The app also allows you to go back and add watermarks to previously-captured content, just in case it wasn’t open when you took the original picture.


Next on the agenda for Pool and his partner, Isaac Phillips, is to release an Android version of the app, and then start working on synchronisation functions for teams, along with other features that will be available in a paid version. The fully-equipped app is expected to cost around $2, which is on par with existing watermark apps.


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