Kinetic sculpture combines psychedelic beats and children's toys.

Using Lego Technic's interconnecting parts, full-time coder and part-time arts PhD student Alex Allmont created an intricate Lego array that not only contains moving figurines, but also churns out original acid house music. Allmont has been experimenting with Lego in creating his prototypes over the years, and is particularly focused on developing Lego music machines.

This project consists of many complicated parts, but essentially a main sequencer keeps the melody and drum sounds in sync. Play House's random number generator design consisted of a bull that bounced through a set of Lego pieces, instructing the machine like a composer. An array of wiring and cables help control the bass drum, high hats, and snare that are all wired to a matrix mixer, an effects system, a reverb pedal, and a delay. For a complete explanation, you can see the full R&D; process over at Make.

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