How Tesla Drivers Surf The Web Behind The Wheel

How Tesla Drivers Surf The Web Behind The Wheel

Quantcase recently analyzed the browser history in the Tesla Model S' in-dash touchscreen.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 4 april 2014

The Tesla Model S is one of the first connected cars with a 17-inch in-dash touchscreen that offers a basic web browser drivers can use while they’re cruising down the road.

More than a year after the Model S has been out in the market, analytics company Quantcast decided to look into the browsing history of the Tesla drivers just to see what they use the web browser for.

The results showed that Tesla drivers visit news sites the most, followed by services sites, entertainment sites, lifestyle sites, and others. The results also showed that local news sites made up 26% of the sites visited in that category. It also looked like Tesla drivers were interested in finance news, specifically news about the financial markets.


In the sports category, sites about surfing appeared to be quite popular with Tesla drivers. This may be related to the fact that, according to the study, California drivers were responsible for majority of the browsing activity. The next most active states were Georgia and Texas.

Quantcast also discovered that browsing activity spiked between 7 to 9 AM and 5 to 7 PM. During those periods, most Tesla drivers visited news and finance sites.

Quantcast wrote about this activity in a blog post and surmised that the results seem to be reflective of the Tesla owners and validate the value of an in-dash browser as something that goes beyond navigation or checking technical conditions of the car.


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