Tinitell Hides A Mobile Phone Inside Of A Kid’s Bracelet [Pics]

Tinitell Hides A Mobile Phone Inside Of A Kid’s Bracelet [Pics]

The wristphone is a simple voice-activated call system that can call parents and receive calls from other phones.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 30 april 2014

If you ask any parent, most would say they’re not too keen on giving expensive mobile phones to their five-year-olds, but they may change their mind about Tinitell, a small mobile phone that goes around a child’s wrist.

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, this wearable mobile phone is the brainchild of entrepreneur Mats Horn and was designed by Stockholm-based design studio NEWD. Tinitell is a wristphone designed especially for children, allowing them to play freely without their parents or guardians hovering over them. The bracelet phone also helps parents worry less about their safety. The wearable phone is basically a voice-activated call system that can receive calls and call other phones.


The wristphone has a simple and minimalist design. Since the phone is meant for kids, it is durable and water-resistant and safe to use even in the sandbox. It is equipped with GSM/GPS, an accelerometer, and Bluetooth connectivity. The phone works with an app that parents can use to input contact numbers and assign the names for its voice recognition system. Parents or guardians can set up the Tinitell via the app or through the website.

Tinitell accepts any voice-ready SIM card. To make a call, the wearer simply needs to push a button and say the name of the contact. The wearer can also scroll through the names on the phone’s contact list using the volume buttons. The watch will play the recorded names and when it gets to the contact the wearer needs, he or she just has to push the button to place the call.


The wristphone can receive calls from any number. To accept a call, the wearer just needs to push the button as well. Parents and guardians can limit the incoming calls to a set of numbers using the app or through the website. They can also configure the Tinitell to automatically answer calls from specific numbers without the need to push the button.

The Kickstarter campaign still has about a month to go. Backers can avail of the Early Bird price of $99 for a Tinitell Charcoal and expect it to ship in April next year. The suggested retail price for the phone is $179.


Source: Cool Hunting

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