iBeacon technology notifies you if these Tzukuri sunglasses go out of your range.

When it first came out, ‘Find My iPhone’ was a truly miraculous thing. It enabled users to find the location of a lost iPhone within a pretty accurate range, so long as the device was on. A major problem is that the phone’s battery doesn’t last very long, so the time you had to find it was limited. Despite that fact, the app has continued to increase in popularity, but the technology has not been used on many other consumer products, until now.

Tzukuri is an Australian sunglasses company that just released a line of trackable sunglasses with embedded Bluetooth Low Energy technology, so very little power is necessary to track them. What’s more? These sunglasses are solar powered, so you never have to worry about them going ‘off,’ and are capable of tracking within the nearest foot. Tzukuri sunglasses use iBeacons licensed directly from Apple, so your iPhone can save the last place you and the glasses were together and plot that location on a map. They will also begin sending you notifications once you move 16 feet away from the phone, even if you don’t open the app.

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