$13,800 Watch Hides A Maze Game

$13,800 Watch Hides A Maze Game
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Valbray's 'Oculus Minotaurus' is great for wasting time while keeping track of it.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 11 april 2014

Everyone has had a moment, or twenty, where they’ve been bored and could use a distraction. With cell phone usage being banned in many board rooms and work places across the country, designers at Valbray have come up with a discrete form of amusement.

The Oculus Minotaurus is the newest luxe design from Valbray, the watch company known for incorporating camera mechanics into their creations. Named after the mythological Minotaur, the watch features a hidden maze game underneath the diaphragm.


Beneath what appears to be a camera’s 16-blade shutter is a tiny ball that lives between the dial and the crystal. When the bezel is turned a quarter turn, more than 80 hidden pieces move the blades, allowing you to navigate the ball by tilting the watch. The hour and minute hands are easy to read whether the diaphragm is closed or open, so you can still keep time as you play.


The Valbray Oculus Minotaurus has a black PVD steel case and is available in 18K white gold or red gold bezel. It features automatic movement with a 42 hour power reserve and has a Minotaur engraved on the back.


(h/t Hodinkee, Gizmodo)

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