Tii.me figures out how much time you've spent watching shows in your lifetime.

Television watching is a great American past-time. And with the rise of Netflix and binge-watching, consuming television content has become an even easier and more addictive habit. But have you ever considered how much of your life is actually spent eyes afixed to a television or computer screen, absorbed in the latest much-watch show? Now there’s a website for that.

Tii.me, created by Alex Cican, allows users to input a TV show and the number of seasons they’ve watched to see the hours and days accumulate. If you do one show at a time, it doesn’t seem so bad. Watched all of Breaking Bad last year? That’s only 1 day 23 hours and 32 minutes of your life. Been following Grey’s Anatomy since Meredith Grey’s first one night stand with McDreamy? That’s 5 days 21 hours and 11 minutes. But did you faithfully watch all the syndicated seasons of Law & Order? Well, that’s 16 days and 15 hours of your life that you can never get back.

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