Kebei Li designed force-sensing lamps that respond to the heaviness or lightness of the object placed on top of them.

Industrial designer and Rhode Island School of Design student Kebei Li has designed force-sensing lamps that light up depending on the weight of the objects placed on top of them.

The force-sensing lamps respond to the weight placed on them and emit a corresponding amount of light. This means that the heavier the object, the brighter the light.

Kebei Li created the lamps as part of his degree project, an exploration into contemporary artifact culture. The force-sensing lamps is an experiment into the nuances of functionality and purpose. While the lamps are completely functional, they have no clear purpose. In addition, the way they are designed and the way they work validate the assumption that people are adaptable. The mechanism of the lamps allows owners to play with the amount of light by introducing different objects into the set-up.

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