Enjoy On-Demand Delivery To Your On-Demand Taxi

Enjoy On-Demand Delivery To Your On-Demand Taxi

WunWun and Gett have partnered to make our lives even easier, if that's possible.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 9 april 2014

On-demand delivery service WunWun has partnered with black car app Gett to create the ultimate experience of convenience. The new service allows New York riders to have products or meals delivered to their black car. The possibilities are endless, and could entail breakfast or a cup of coffee to go with their morning ride to work or flowers and chocolate ready for customers on their way to pick up a date.

To enjoy these perks, you have to be a WunWun and a Gett user, and those who request for a black car on Gett just need to include their WunWun request in the notes of their booking. Their WunWun request will be delivered to their Gett driver and will be waiting for them in the car when it arrives.


The cost of the product or meal will be added to the total cost of the ride and an additional $10 is charged for each delivery to a Gett ride. To promote the service, all deliveries until April 13th are free.

As we’ve been expanding at WunWun, the line between a car service for a person and delivery vehicle for a product has blurred closer for us more and more every day,” explains founder Lee Hnetinka. “We expect in the future to make the person who is delivering you the same person who delivers what you want. “

In a similar vein, Gett’s rival car service Uber has just launched a new service called UberRush that provides their members with fast messenger pickups and immediate deliveries of things they need to send. Uber users can make their requests and also track their delivery progress via the app.

UberRush delivery rates are calculated based on zone pricing. A flat fee of $15 applies to deliveries that start and end in the same zone. An additional $5 is added for every zone crossed. UberRush is currently available for deliveries within Manhattan below 110th Street, but the company is planning to expand their coverage as soon as possible.


Source: TechCrunch

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