New Ad Platform Syncs Up Mobile And TV Ads

New Ad Platform Syncs Up Mobile And TV Ads

There may be no getting away from television ads if you're using a mobile device.

Mike Ellenbogen
  • 24 april 2014

Ever mute the television when commercials come on? How about going to the fridge, or turning to a mobile device, like a phone or tablet? Needless to say, advertisers who pay for the ads you’re deflecting aren’t happy about it. Additionally, you and up to 50% of others are engaging on another device while that TV advertisement is running.

Viewers are tricky to understand, and with more digital options for viewers to engage with the people studying those viewers are constantly coming up with varied segmentation analyses and customer journeys to understand where they’ll be, with whom, and why they’re doing what they’re doing. Programmatic ad platform Xaxis has done just that, and narrowed it down to a (inexact) science.

Xaxis recently introduced a new product named “Sync,” which allows advertisers to display advertisements on TV viewers’ mobile devices as their TV screens air similar branded communications. The program works by taking an educated guess as to who’s watching what TV shows (via geographical and behavioral data, as well as checking whether devices are logged into a home wifi network), and when the program senses that viewer is watching a show, it will serve ads targeted to the mobile devices – simultaneous to what the TV commercials are airing.

Not only preventing the viewer from being distracted by the TV and going or doing elsewhere, the process is designed to reinforce the television commercial’s message by engaging deeper with the viewer, and pushing messages to help connect messages and products, like interacting with prize offerings, or tailoring messages for limited time coupons.

Source: AdAge


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