YouTube Ad School Teaches Brands How To Execute The Perfect Content Strategy

YouTube Ad School Teaches Brands How To Execute The Perfect Content Strategy

The company's Brand Partner Program helps businesses learn how to build and grow their video channels.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 25 april 2014

Last March, YouTube recently held its second Brand Partner Program, which was attended by major brands like Ford, AT&T, Samsung and Visa.

The three-day boot camp was held at the YouTube Creative Space in Los Angeles, and was organized to “treat advertisers like content creators,” according to Jamie Byrne, Director of Content Strategy at YouTube and overseer of the program.

The Brand Partner Program aims to help brands execute and improve their strategies when it comes to creating video content that end up on their YouTube pages.


Brand marketers participating in the program go through workshops that teach them about the current scene, trends, and best practices in content creation. The participants also hear from YouTube stars and online video network executives about how they create content for their markets.

After the workshop, the program participants are assigned to a dedicated partner manager who helps them manage and grow their YouTube channels. The participants also get to do some actual content creation so they can apply everything they learned from the talks and workshops.

According to Advertising Age, YouTube plans to run 100 brands through the program this year. The company identifies the companies who already have some engagement with YouTube to invite them to the program.

The idea is for brands to become better at creating content that people will share. Brands pay for distribution but users can share videos for free. The more brands understand how to use YouTube, the more they can engage their market, and that can lead to more spending on their part and more revenue for YouTube.

YouTube Brand Partners Program
[h/t] Advertising Age

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