A panel commemorates the contribution of planners to the business of advertising.

The strategic planning community gathered last month to recognize the induction of Jane Newman into the Advertising Hall of Fame and garner support for her charity, The Thorn Tree Project, which funds education in northern Kenya. To mark this event, a panel was assembled to discuss the continued role of planning in advancing creatively relevant, strategic ideas in the world of advertising.

The panel, which was hosted at Grind and moderated by BBH’s Sarah Watson, included Jane Newman, MT Rainey, Lauren Turner, Rosemarie Ryan, Robin Hafitz and Merry Baskin. Newman led and trained the panelists at Chiat\Day (whom were all women) back in the 1980’s before the agency had merged with TBWA and Omnicom. Chiat\Day would not only come to be recognized as Agency of the Decade, but it would also become the first American agency to harness the power of account planning in the advertising and media industries (before media agencies were separated into independent entities). Jane kicked off the panel by talking about her path from birthing Account Planning, which had already been established in the UK by the late 60’s, to the establishment of The Thorn Tree Project.

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