Survival Kits Help Creatives Get Through The Toughest RFPs [Pics]

Survival Kits Help Creatives Get Through The Toughest RFPs [Pics]

The Survival Kit is designed to help agencies survive stressful deadlines and other work-related disasters.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 13 may 2014

Creative and ad agencies are often faced with surprise situations in the work place, like a client asking for several major changes just hours before the project deadline or the power suddenly going out right when people are busy working on their computers.

Canadian creative studio Phoenix has created The Survival Kit, which is designed to arm agency folks who are facing deadlines, major presentations, and other stressful events at work with the basic tools to help them survive those situations.

The Survival Kit is available in three packages: The Overtime, The Presentation, and The Power Outage. Each kit comes complete with different items that make each situation that much easier.


The Overtime kit comes with items that are supposed to help people keep calm and stay focused so they can finish the work during extended hours. The kit includes a 150g pouch of Columbian black coffee with overtime indicators written on the bag, a flask, a mixtape with a 24-song USB key, earphones, a stressball, peanut butter energy bars, a badge that says “Don’t Disturb Me,” and a book by Paul Wilson on tips to keep calm.

The Presentation kit comes with items that are meant to help people prepare and give the best presentation they can. It includes stuff like pencils to take notes with during the presentation, a laser pointer, a USB, two bow ties to add style to one’s look during the meeting, an antiperspirant and deodorant stick, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, three Moleskine notebooks, a badge to motivate and keep the presenter confident, and a book by Philippe Lebreton and Marie-Claude Nivoix on the art of convincing.


The third kit, The Power Outage kit comes with objects that make being in the office without electricity so much more comfortable. It includes a deck of playing cards, a harmonica, candles, a pair of wool socks to keep warm, an LED flashlight, a pack of matches, a thermal blanket, a badge that says “Don’t Panic Everything Will Be Fine,” and the book The Call of the Wild by Jack London to show folks that they don’t need electricity to be happy.


The Survival Kit
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