Air-Purifying Billboard Absorbs The Pollution Around It


Eco-friendly signage in Peru generates more clean air than 1,200 trees.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 may 2014

Peru is developing at break-neck speed, but as construction continues, so too does the amount of pollution and related health conditions. Instead of contributing to the problem with the rebuild of their new campus, UTEC, an engineering college in Lima, decided to create a billboard with the help of ad agency FCB Mayo that sucks an unbelievable amount of pollution right out of the air.

The billboard, which uses thermodynamic processes to trap pollutants in a water filter, can clean roughly 100,000 cubic meters of air every day, which is equivalent to the output of 1,200 trees. Apart from it’s impressive environmental impact, which has an impact up to five blocks away, the billboard also acts as a real-world example of what students can learn to do at the college.

If there are any complaints, it would be that the billboard was designed to offset huge amounts of pollution being created by the construction of UTEC’s new campus, as opposed to being a pro-active approach. That being said, now that this kind of air-purifying billboard exists, it would be great to see it find a home in other cities around the world where pollution is an ongoing problem.

To sing the praises of UTEC, it’s also clear that the school has more than a fleeting interest in environmental design. Last year it designed a billboard that can convert water trapped in the air, into purified drinking water for local residents. In a city where it hardly rains and people get their water wells, which can often become polluted, the billboard was an ingenious way to make use of the 98% humidity.

Hopefully UTEC will continue to demonstrate it’s environmental prowess and come up with other great solutions that can be deployed around the world. If you’re interested, you can see how their previous project worked in the video below.


[h/t] AdWeek


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