Giant Rubber Bands Help Plane Passengers Tune Out Their Neighbors

Giant Rubber Bands Help Plane Passengers Tune Out Their Neighbors
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B-Tourist is an airplane seat attachment that provides privacy, storage and calm.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 16 may 2014

There are tons of things to hate about flying. Besides delays, turbulence, security, nasty food, and missed transfers, air passengers are stuck in uncomfortable chairs next to people they don’t know and given less privacy than elbow room. So in addition to getting up to allow your neighbor access to the bathroom, fliers also have to be concerned about whether people are judging what they watch, how they eat, or how they look sleeping.

Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka thought about issues fliers face such as these and came up with the B-Tourist strip, a rubber-band like airplane seat attachment designed to increase flight comfort.


The two designers are graduates of the Bazalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, so it makes perfect sense that they created a way for this simple device, made of elastic fabric and two plastic rings, to potentially become a must-use flight accessory. Fliers simply attach the B-Tourist to the back of their headrest and the screen in front of them. Users can then separate the rings to create a full partition to block themselves from the rest of the world, or bring the rings together to interact with a flight attendant or passenger. In addition, the B-Tourist has a storage pocket for personal items, and functions as a headrest in case you fall asleep.

Though the B-Tourist is not yet available for sale, once it is- it just may be the answer to comfortable flying.



Bazalel Academy of Arts and Design
[h/t] DesignBoom


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