A tweet-powered hologram was placed in a storefront in central London, where passersby could tweet actions in real-time.

The FOX television show Almost Human has begun syndication in the UK, and to celebrate the futuristic show's launch, UKTV enlisted creative agency Joint to create a social media-based holographic event.

A storefront in central London was set up as a public installation with a ‘holographic android' standing in the window. Passersby could tweet commands to @droiddothis and watch as the hologram reacted in real-time. In the video below, you can see the android dance the macarena and even take his shirt off. Of course, there were some Londoners with dirty minds in the crowd, making risque requests like ‘take your pants off' and ‘masturbate for me' – to that, the almost human android would reply with a shake of his finger.

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