Anonymous Artists Turn School Chalk Dust Into Inspirational Masterpieces

Anonymous Artists Turn School Chalk Dust Into Inspirational Masterpieces

When school is out, two rogue student designers sneak in to leave behind inspiring chalkboard messages in vacant classrooms.

Angeli Rafer
  • 14 may 2014

Two students are prowling the empty hallways and classrooms at the Columbus College of Art and Design, not for malicious pranks or a bit of mischief, but to create beautiful masterpieces for their fellow classmates. The anonymous duo responsible for these works, simply known as “Dangerdust”, are seniors in Advertising & Graphics, which perhaps accounts for their remarkable talent and also for their choice in quotes that speak of artistic and personal growth.


Uplifting words from Banksy to Bill Cosby, Neil de Grasse Tyson to Dr. Suess, are rendered by Dangerdust into works of typographic art that are the perfect reassurance for just about any student in need of some inspiration. The quotes come to life with ordinary dollar-store chalk, Dangerdust’s professional hand lettering, and illustrations that pay homage to quoted creators through their use of style and form.


Each design can take up to 11 hours of work, but Dangerdust is certainly committed to their project, with 24 week’s worth of art on display on their online portfolio at Behance.


Though the team at Dangerdust has yet to reveal themselves, they can also be reached on Instagram and Twitter, where they continue to post art and “behind the scenes” updates on their projects, such as the following video that explains the magic behind their chalkboard art.


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