Journal Prompts Creatives To Use Their Hands Rather Than Their Phones

Journal Prompts Creatives To Use Their Hands Rather Than Their Phones
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Hanna Yoon's notebook encourages people to remember significant moments with pen and paper instead of digital devices.

Angeli Rafer
  • 15 may 2014

While it may seem like second-nature to share every detail of our life digitally through social media channels, one designer wants to revise the way we record our stories, by introducing a new product that relies on old-fashioned note-taking. Designer Hanna Yoon is the creator of the Experience Journal, a notebook that helps people record the things that they naturally react to.

Instead of a quick Instagram picture or Snapchat, the Experience Journal challenges users to observe, take note, think, and repeat this process, with the hope of continued improvement thanks to continued practice.

This method is based on Yoon’s first Experience Journal, a project she started to try to enhance her own work as a designer. Keeping a journal on hand instead of relying on digital memories not only helped her incorporate the patterns and elements that make up a good experience into her designs, but also, to test her theory of continued practice. By taking many observations and notes, she learned how to better jot down what was important to her work, and by consistently drawing little sketches, her art skills steadily improved.


Moreover, Yoon argues there is something special about keeping a notebook full of personal insights, and by gaining the skills that only comes from dedication instead of the quick, almost ephemeral passing of social media.

“The journal has been an amazing record of my past experiences, more personal and evocative than digital photographs,” suggested Yoon. “I hope people don’t forget the power and the joy of writing and drawing with hands, especially young kids.”


Yoon recently hosted a Kickstarter campaign to launch her Experience Journal to the masses, as well as a production site dedicated to charting the final product design process. The Experience Journal had a successful run on Kickstarter, receiving positive feedback and support, as well as earning notoriety as a Kickstarter Staff Pick. Pre-orders are available at the official website, and the final product will be launched by August 2014.

Experience Journal

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