Arby’s Runs A 13-Hour, Single Shot Commercial Of Brisket Smoking

Arby’s Runs A 13-Hour, Single Shot Commercial Of Brisket Smoking

The fast food chain's latest spot is meant to promote the company's new Smokehouse Sandwich.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 may 2014

TV ads have been getting shorter and shorter. Probably because more and more people are now using mobile devices and it’s becoming even trickier to get people interested or engaged in various types of content, ads included.

Fast food chain Arby’s, however, has no qualms with putting out a TV commercial that’s about half a day long. The company has just debuted its latest TV ad and it runs for 13 hours.


The new TV commercial was created to promote the company’s Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich and it is basically a 13-hour long film of meat being smoked in one continuous shot, reminiscent of a Christmas yule log video.

The TV ad was first broadcast on a single station in Duluth, Minnesota over the Memorial Day weekend. The ad was also entered into the Guinness Book of World Records and broke the record for the longest television commercial. The previous record was 60 minutes, held by the brand Nivea for an ad that aired in Switzerland back in 2011.


The commercial is completely devoid of dialogue and just shows a brisket being smoked for 13 long hours at the Texan smokehouse that cures Arby’s brisket. The smoker has a glass window and a light inside so that the smoking brisket would be visible to the outside. Towards the end of the ad, Arby’s Corporate Executive Chef Neville Craw — or his arms and torso, rather — is shown removing the brisket, slicing it, and assembling the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich by adding other ingredients like smoked Gouda cheese, crispy fried onions and barbecue sauce.

Creating the commercial had its challenges such as making sure the brisket is visible from the outside and making sure the internal light doesn’t burn out. According to The NY Times, a crew stayed awake for about 24 hours to make the single-shot commercial.

The commercial is currently airing online at Viewers of the online broadcast have a chance to win prizes by clicking on dialogue boxes that pop up throughout the commercial. After the online broadcast, the ad will be made available via a YouTube link.


[h/t] NY Times, Business Journal


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