Gold Rings Contain A Particle Of Beijing Smog [Video]


Designer Daan Roosegaarde plans to create a piece of jewelry that contains particles from the city's air as it gets cleaned.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 may 2014

Beijing is notorious for having one of the worst air pollution levels in the world. The air quality index in Beijing has been rated as unhealthy in multiple studies.

Dutch artist, designer and innovator Daan Roosegaarde is hoping to do something about the smog in Beijing with his new endeavor, The SMOG Project.

The mission of the SMOG Project basically involves creating smog-free parks in Beijing. Roosegaarde and a team of experts have developed an energy-friendly and safe vacuum tower that uses a patented ion technology to capture smog and release clean air into the area. The vacuum tower uses buried coils of copper to create an ion electrostatic field that attracts the smog particles. Clean air is then blown out of the vents of the tower, thereby creating a smog-free bubble with a diameter of around 50 to 60 meters. There are also plans to install lasers at the top of the towers to show that the area is smog-free.

Part of the SMOG project is to create a delicate and stylish piece of jewelry that contains smog particles from Beijing’s air. The smog ring will be a simple band with a clear stone that contains compressed smog particles. The smog particles will be shaped into a millimeter cube which represents the cubic kilometer of smog that has been cleared from the sky.

According to Roosegaarde, the ring will come in two versions, a high-end one and a less expensive one, but the purpose of the smog rings goes beyond just creating a beautiful object out of something that is considered dirty and ugly. The smog rings are also meant to help raise awareness for the project and for the need to clear the Beijing air of pollution. The Dutch designer also hopes it can bring in more funding for the project.

Studio Roosegaarde is working with ENS Europe, Bob Ursem and Dutch Embassy Beijing on the project. They are also in talks with Beijing government officials to install a pilot version of the smog-free park in a downtown park some time this year. In turn, the smog rings will be on the market by end of the year.

Studio Roosegaarde

[h/t] NY Times

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