QuickCoin Makes Sending Bitcoin As Easy As Logging Into Facebook


The wallet app lets users easily send virtual currency to others via the social network.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 may 2014

The concept of crypto currencies like Bitcoin and the processes behind them can seem complicated and quite confusing to most people. That is one of the main reasons why the virtual currency still isn’t widely used, especially in day-to-day transactions.

San Francisco-based startup QuickCoin aims to make it quick and painless for people to get started on Bitcoin by making it easy for them to send the virtual currency to other people via Facebook.

Quickcoin is a Bitcoin wallet app similar to Venmo but for crypto currencies. To send Bitcoin to a friend, users simply have to login with Facebook, select the friend to send the virtual money to, and click send. The user types in an amount and can also choose whether to publish a message on the friend’s wall or send a private message before confirming the transfer. The user receives a transaction receipt after the transaction is completed. Quickcoin also has an option to send dollar amounts instead of Bitcoin to make it even easier for users.


If the user chooses to publish on their receiver’s wall, Quickcoin will simply post a message that says the user paid his or her friend with Bitcoin. The message does not say anything about the amount so all involved parties don’t have to worry about the details of the transaction being revealed to the public.

Though the founders of Quickcoin admit that paying for items with Bitcoin is still a problem since most businesses haven’t adopted the virtual currency just yet, they see that problem as something that can be solved down the road. Their initial focus is on making it easy for people to send and trade Bitcoins using a platform that they’re already very familiar with.

The Quickcoin social wallet is browser-based and can be used on any device and anywhere in the globe. Quickcoin transfers are also instantaneous so there isn’t any waiting involved. The web-based app is currently in open beta.


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Header Image: btckeychain CC BY 2.0

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