Bitcoin ATMs Can Send Cash To Any Phone Number

Bitcoin ATMs Can Send Cash To Any Phone Number

Robocoin upgrades its machine to allow people to send the virtual currency to their mobiles for on the go access.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 5 may 2014

Businesses and companies are working hard to make Bitcoin more appealing to people and easier for them to use in day-to-day transactions.

For Las Vegas-based company Robocoin, leading manufacturer of Bitcoin ATM machines, their solution is to upgrade their ATMs with features that allow people to do all sorts of banking transactions, including transfer or send Bitcoin to people’s phone numbers instead of a Bitcoin address. The company is calling their machine “the fastest way to send cash worldwide.”

Last October, the company first launched their Bitcoin ATM machine, which allows people to purchase Bitcoin or get cash in 12 different currencies. The upgraded ATM machines will let people store, access, and send Bitcoins from any of the Robocoin ATMs. The upgraded machines will also let users transfer the virtual currency without the need to wait for block chain confirmation. Any Bitcoin sent through their network is transferred instantly. If the recipient does not have an account just yet, their Bitcoin funds will just be waiting for them at their local Bitcoin ATM machine.


Robocoin uses three ways to secure accounts and authenticate the users – a PIN number, a phone number that serves as an account number, and now through palm-vein scans or biometrics.

The Bitcoin ATM machines will be able to support Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. They will. Users will be able to create multiple personal or business accounts for whatever they need them for. That means they can create an account for their savings or for payments, and more to help them manage their funds.

Robocoin is turning their ATMs into a “full service banks” and even refer to them as “branches” to create familiarity with users. By using familiar terms and providing features and services that people need in their day-to-day lives, the company hopes that more people will become more interested in using the virtual currency.

Robocoin ATMs are currently available in 13 countries and exchanges 12 different currencies.

The new ATM features are launching this summer.

Source: PCWorld

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