iPhone Game Forces Two Players To Dance A Duet Together

iPhone Game Forces Two Players To Dance A Duet Together

With professional choreography, Bounden aims to get people passionate about ballet.

Hilary Weaver
  • 27 may 2014

App developer Game Oven has released a mobile game that actually encourages physical interaction between two people, instead of creating a digital rift between them. Bounden encourages iPhone owners to dance along and learn new moves thanks to choreography by the Dutch National Ballet.

To play Bounden, two people hold onto the same iPhone and tilt the phone to access the gyroscope. As the players follow a sphere and a path of rings, they move their arms and bodies to the movement of the choreography. The goal is to get the rings into the center of the sphere, and, in effect, achieve and learn complex dance moves. At the end of the game, players either find themselves entangled or having completed flawless, fluid dance movements.


Bounden’s design and development team collaborated with a choreographer and twelve dancers from the company to design the dances for the game. The developers at Bounden say they chose the Dutch ballet team because they’re known as one of the strongest in the ballet industry. In a promotional video Game Oven released earlier this year, choreographer Ernst Meisner says he thinks this app will encourage smartphone owners to find a passion for dance and understand the beauty of its fluid movements.

“To look at a screen and to start dancing together is a huge challenge for anyone who has never danced before and never danced together and try to do this game,” he says.

The game, which sells for $3.99, includes six different dances and a dance exclusively choreographed for the app and iPhone. Game Oven has found that the game is not compatible with all Android devices and is currently testing the game for specific Android models. They also plan to release at least two more updates that include more dances. Check out the video below to see how Bounden could teach you some new moves.


[h/t] Eurogamer, Verge



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