Someday World, Brian Eno and Karl Hyde's new album, turns an old format into a psychedelic digital experience.

There are those who say that vinyl records have seen their best days. That may be true for the average consumer, but there are still plenty of enthusiasts out there who live for the format. Those diehards are in for a treat when they lower the needle on Someday World, the new album from Brian Eno and Karl Hyde.

While the album is also available in mp3 and other formats, those who choose to buy it on vinyl can enjoy a deeper experience through their smartphones thanks to an augmented reality app. Created by developer Lukasz Karluk, in collaboration with Eno and Hyde, the app, when aimed at the surface of the record, shows a vibrant psychedelic cityscape which undulates and transforms paired with the music of Someday World track ‘Strip it Down’.

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