Chamomile Tea Packaging Changes To Show The Calming Effects Of The Herbal Drink

Chamomile Tea Packaging Changes To Show The Calming Effects Of The Herbal Drink

BOH's tea bags turns stressful symbols into their calmer counterparts when steeped in hot water.

Michael Ellenbogen
  • 27 may 2014

A product’s packaging typically serves as a compartment to hold its goods, as well as a mini advertisement with the brand’s logo and the item’s details. Good design, however, accentuates the functionality of the product by showing – not telling – why that specific item is better than its extremely similar competitor. Packaging that can convey how its insides will improve your health or make your life that much simpler without relying on cliché catchphrases and over-used sayings will grab a shopper’s attention. Who wouldn’t want orange juice boxed in circular packaging and external netting as if it was a fresh orange picked straight from the grove? Or a pair of Nike’s housed in a giant air bubble, guaranteed to bring a bit more spring into your step?

nike air.jpg

To show off the calming effects of their chamomile tea, Malaysian tea company BOH followed suit and used edible ink in a rather novel way. Partnering with M&C; Saatchi Malaysia, BOH printed symbols of stress with the edible tea ink on each bag. The pictograms included aggravating icons like thunder, erupting volcanoes, and angry bears. However, once placed in hot water, the tea bags’ imagery transformed into their calmer selves. What was once a fiery message became a smooth chat box, and menacing vultures evolved into song birds.

BOH Tea.jpg

While most tea bag companies plaster inspirational quotes and yoga zen mantras on their packaging, BOH’s strategy is a smart way to market how calming their products can really be.

[h/t] Design TAXI, Nae-Design

Images: Fubiz

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