Artist and creative technologist Dominic Wilcox, reinvigorates a tired tourist attraction.

We’re all familiar with the coin-operated binoculars you can find at popular tourists attractions around the country, but what if you could hear the city instead? As part of the Thinking Digital Conference, artist Dominic Wilcox and creative technologist James Rutherford dreamt up Binaudios, an oversized public listening device which lets visitors experience the sounds of Newcastle, UK in a completely new way.

The device, which is powered by Raspberry Pi and features two giant “listening cones,” can be pointed at over 50 different locations around the city. Each of these locations has been paired with either a recent pre-recorded track, or found historical sounds that are relevant to that particular location. That could mean a crowd chanting during a football match, the king making a speech at Tyne Bridge in 1928, or skateboarders and tennis players having fun in a local park.

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