Wine Labels Use Color Block Infographics To Tell Shoppers How They Taste


Uproot Wines uses a visual "Flavor Palette" to represent the various notes in each bottle.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 may 2014

Uproot Wines aims to rethink winemaking from the ground up in order to create a fresh and modern experience for a new generation of wine drinkers. As part of this, instead of a traditional wine label featuring the variety and year, they use a bold color block system on the front of their bottles and move the other information to the back label.

The company, which was developed by venture capitalist Jay Levy and winemaker Greg Scheinfeld, wants people to know they’re not like other wines. Their fresh take on a label says a little about the flavor profile of the wine and a lot about their company.

The ‘Flavor Palette’ helps people learn a bit about the bottle they might want to purchase. The different colored blocks represent various tasting notes and their size shows how dominant or subtle they are. So the Flavor Palette is unique to each varietal and each vintage.

Uproot Wines offers a classic Cabernet that has quintessential raspberry and blackberry notes, with the complexity of dark chocolate and tobacco. There is also a vibrant and spicy Grenache, a dry fruit-forward Rosé, a crisp and sweet Sauvignon Blanc, and a Grenache Blanc with a smack of bubblegum and petrol.

The Flavor Palette for Uproot Wines’ Sauvignon Blanc features a large light green block for melon, followed by a dark green block for fresh cut grass, bright green for citrus, yellow for grapefruit, and a small purple block for passion fruit.

The Flavor Palette for Rosé features red and pink blocks that are various sizes, representing the tasting notes maraschino cherry, strawberry, rose petals, watermelon, and pink lemonade.

Uproot Wines’ colorful labels which feature no text or numbers are minimalistic yet informative. Wine drinkers are directed to their website or social media platforms to find out what they mean. Then when they see the distinctive labels in future, they’ll know it’s a bottle from Uproot Wines.

This simple yet effective labelling has the potential to be adopted in other areas as well. You can view more images of the wine bottles and Flavor Palettes in the gallery below:

Uproot Wines

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