Could Redesigning The Cigarette Help People Quit Smoking?

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This series of design ideas are aimed at aiding smokers with giving up the habit.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 may 2014

Taiwanese designer Tseng Yi Wen has created a concept for a series of cigarettes that are designed to help the smoker quit smoking eventually.

The designer’s Tobacco project features four cigarette types that are a reference to some of the habits of smokers and depict the kind of interaction smokers have with cigarettes. The series is meant to help smokers slowly wean off tobacco but still allow the user to smoke every now and then.

The first type of cigarette in the series is called Tobacco-Luck and it includes several tobacco sticks with the size of the filter tip increasing with each stick so that the amount of tobacco becomes gradually reduced. The idea is for smokers to smoke less and less tobacco with each passing day.

The second type of cigarette is called Tobacco-Sharing and it features a stick of tobacco that can be broken in half and shared with another smoker. Sharing cigarettes is a common behavior among smokers. The Tobacco-Sharing cigarette helps the smoker cut down on the amount of their smoking as well as that of the other person they’re sharing the stick with.

The third type of cigarette is called Tobacco-Trace and it involves assigning a specific number to purchased cigarettes. The Tobacco-Trace type references the typical habit of most smokers to flick their cigarette butts on the ground. If numbers are assigned to the cigarette sticks, people will be able to identify the owners of the cigarette butts on the ground. Yi Wen writes on her site that if smokers can be identified through the cigarette butts they carelessly throw away, will they still throw away cigarette butts wherever they go?

The last type of cigarette in the series is the Tobacco-Day. It is basically a pack of cigarettes that have the days of the month printed on the tip. Tobacco-Day is designed to help smokers track the number of cigarettes they smoke and help them limit their smokes per month. The Tobacco-Day pack helps remind smokers that they can regain their health every time they skip a smoke.

Tseng Yi Wen

[h/t] designboom

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