Live Communication Map Shows How Long Distance Couples Make It Work

Live Communication Map Shows How Long Distance Couples Make It Work

Private messaging experience Couple has released an infographic showing when and where partners interact.

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 may 2014

Couple is an app that helps long distance couples stay in touch and enables those who live in the same city to organize the time they spend together. The private messaging experience, which boasts over one million downloads, keeps a pair’s special moments saved in one place and makes it easier for them to connect with the most important person in their life.

Some of the app’s features include a private timeline, real-time messaging and sketching, ‘ThumbKiss’, shared to-do lists, calendar reminders, instant location sharing, and the ability to make phone calls or Facetime from within the app. To celebrate Couple’s two-year anniversary, a live infographic has been released, which shows lots of people connecting in real-time through the platform.

The Couple Map highlights how the app helps long distance partners stay in touch with each other. It shows a running number of the total messages sent, trending long distance connections and cities, and individual connections popping up all over the world.


The live representation depicts couples who are connecting through the app right now. You can see all of the different connections across cities, states, countries, and oceans. The map is anonymous and the locations are approximations, but if you sign in and send your partner a message you will be able to see the connection between the two of you.

If a pair is in the same city, the map will display a flash in that location. If they are in different places, an arc will illustrate the activity as a yellow beam streaking across to connect their locations.

The live map is a great way for the Couple app to showcase its functionality as well as its ability to make good on its promise of helping couples stay close even when they’re miles apart. Every flash on the map is a private connection between two people, which demonstrates that even in our highly networked world, many are still looking for a private place where they can be with the person that matters most to them.


[h/t] ycombinator

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