Designers and companies are creating novels that are designed to be for more than just reading.

Text-filled novels and picture books are so yesterday. These days, we've noticed a rise in books that are designed to be used for way more than just reading. From a BBQ manual whose pages can be used on the grill to a scented tour guide, these books are useful and functional in ways that have nothing to do with reading.

Take a look at some of these dual- or multi-functional books below.

Barbecue Manual Has Pages Made of Coal And Salt

Tramontina, a company that manufactures cookware and homeware, collaborated with agency JWT Brazil to create The Bible of Barbecue, a book that not only teaches the reader how to barbecue but also includes pages that transform into tools necessary for a successful barbecue session. The pages can provide the owner with necessities such as salt, coal, fire starters, a knife-sharpener, a serving tray, an apron, and more. The tools are also arranged in the book in the order that they would be needed. The book has been sent to master barbecue chefs in Brazil and a simplified version will be made available in selected bookstores.

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