Activists show our lives might soon be under the control of big tech.

As technology continues to burrow its way deeper into our lives, it's impossible to ignore important issues such as data collection policies and online privacy. To get people thinking, a German activist organization called Peng Collective recently put up a website that parodies a future controlled by Google. It plays off the company's recent acquisition of Nest, and features four products that were so convincing, Google were quick to have the site taken down.

The products available on Google-Nest are Google Trust, Google Hug, Google Bee and Google Bye. Trust is free insurance that covers you for the misuse of any personal data, such as NSA infiltration or other illegal spying activities. Hug is a social interaction tool that monitors your emotions and always knows where you are. It's a product for those who have forgotten what it's like to interact with another human, and can help you find a shoulder to cry on in the area.

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