Fast Food Tray Can Host A Live Soccer Match


Brazilian fast food chain Giraffas created special paper field that works in concert with the screen of a customers' device.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 16 may 2014

These days people are on their phones or tablets almost every single free second they have, and this especially apparent when they’re at a restaurant and waiting for their food. This is a fact that many restaurants have already noticed and that is why we see games and puzzles on paper placemats and tableside tablets that let people play games and have fun while waiting for their orders or even while enjoying their meals.

Brazilian fast food chain Giraffas noticed that about 90% of customers play with their smartphones while enjoying their food, so the company has come up with their own creative version of an in-table entertainment. They designed a special tray paper that can integrate with the screen of a smart device and allow the users to play a soccer game with the tray as the soccer field.


The user will have to download a free accompanying app to play the game. After launching the app, the user just has to prop up his or her device at the side to turn the screen into a soccer goal post. The user can also rip off the side of the paper tray and crumple it up into a tiny ball. The app uses the front camera, accelerometer and the microphone of the smartphone for input and recognizes the tray paper as the soccer field and can identify the movements of the crumpled up piece of paper, which serves as the soccer ball. Playing the game is as easy as flicking the paper ball at the virtual goalie displayed on the screen of the user’s device.

Users can play the game by themselves or use the multi-player mode to play with friends in a classic penalty shoot-out.

The fast food chain launched the initiative just in time for the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil where people are very hyped up about soccer. According to the video about the initiative, over 7,000,000 tray papers have been sent to 412 Giraffas restaurant around Brazil.

Giraffas worked with Agencia Mood to create The Goal Screen project.

Watch the clip below to see how it all works.


[h/t] Gizmodo

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