The MUPPette is a flying 3D printer with unlimited size restraints that could be used for humanitarian purposes.

Companies across the globe have come to appreciate the use of 3D printers, even using them to create homes. But there remains a lack of unmanned mobile 3D printers that that can produce items in unconventional spaces. In hopes of closing this gap, Gensler‘s LA office has begun a multi-year research project to develop a device with those capabilities.

April 2014 marked the conclusion of Gensler’s first year of research into mobile 3D printing, and the result is The Mobile Unmanned Printing Platform (MUPPette). MUPPette is a hexacopter that allows unlimited X-Y-Z axis mobility to push the limits of 3D printing. Its three-part system includes a robotic platform composed of lightweight PLA plastic, a 3D printer, and a camera gimbal that was redesigned to stabilize the movement of the printer.

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