Musician Alan AtKisson lets fans "visit" the places that inspired each song in his new album American Troubadour.

All songs come from somewhere, some inspiration that led the musician to write the words and create the music. That inspiration can be a person, an object, an event, or a place, and most of the time listeners are left to experience this inspiration through the song itself.

For his new album, American-Swedish singer-songwriter Alan AtKisson used Google Street View to allow his fans to “visit” the many places that inspired each of the song on the album titled American Troubadour.

AtKisson's new album has its own website where visitors can listen to the songs on the album and explore the places that inspired the tracks. When they begin exploring the site, visitors are taken to a map with the numbers 1 to 10 placed in various locations. Visitors select a place and a song so they c “visit” that place while listening to that particular song. The website takes AtKisson's fans to a Google Street View of these places.

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