Google Street Views Explores Music Through The Places That Inspired It

Google Street Views Explores Music Through The Places That Inspired It

Musician Alan AtKisson lets fans "visit" the places that inspired each song in his new album American Troubadour.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 19 may 2014

All songs come from somewhere, some inspiration that led the musician to write the words and create the music. That inspiration can be a person, an object, an event, or a place, and most of the time listeners are left to experience this inspiration through the song itself.

For his new album, American-Swedish singer-songwriter Alan AtKisson used Google Street View to allow his fans to “visit” the many places that inspired each of the song on the album titled American Troubadour.

AtKisson’s new album has its own website where visitors can listen to the songs on the album and explore the places that inspired the tracks. When they begin exploring the site, visitors are taken to a map with the numbers 1 to 10 placed in various locations. Visitors select a place and a song so they c “visit” that place while listening to that particular song. The website takes AtKisson’s fans to a Google Street View of these places.


The album’s interactive website was designed by FLB Europa and Appsters. AtKisson says,

It’s a way for me to take listeners with me on the journey and offer them a unique experience. With Street View, we show the places as they actually are. Even if you never visit these places yourself, you can have the experience of touring around in them. I think the effect is more satisfying than a music video.

AtKisson is a dual citizen of the US and Sweden, and the title of the album is the same as the opening song, which AtKisson calls a “love letter to my other country.” In a press release he said,

These days I live my life as a European, and a Swede and I love the way we live here. But I am also amazed at the way people here – and elsewhere – look to America for inspiration, indeed for hope. The world needs America to be that beacon of idealism.

Though it was recorded in Stockholm, American Troubadour takes music listeners to places like Washington, Sydney, Osaka, Yorkshire, Berkeley, and Istanbul. The album was produced with Andreas Bauman and features some of Sweden’s top musicians, including Tobias “Tobbe” Fall who plays various acoustic and electric instruments, one-time ABBA tour participant Mats Ronander, famous Swedish keyboard player Hasse Ohlsson, bassist Mats Nilsson, and drummer Micke Ajax.

Alan AtKisson is best known as a sustainability expert and author who regularly travels the globe to promote sustainable solutions to environmental and social issues. He was inducted in the international “Sustainability Hall of Fame” in 2013. American Troubadour is his sixth collection of original songs.


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