Ultra-Light Barbecue Folds Up Like An Umbrella

Ultra-Light Barbecue Folds Up Like An Umbrella
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Grillo is a convenient and compact take on outdoor cooking that you can carry on your back.

Carib Guerra
  • 20 may 2014

Summer never comes soon enough, and yet always seems to end too soon. If you’re going to enjoy the sunny months to the fullest, you’ll need to be prepared. Enter Grillo, a portable BBQ that you can sling on your back and open easily when you’re ready to grill.


With a single movement the grill folds out like an umbrella. Just below, the unique “Fire-Hammock”, a stainless-steel mesh net that cradles wood, coals, or any other solid fuel while the tripod frame stays safely cool to touch. Plus, because of the open design, the grill can be lit from below. It’s also a breeze to clean. Just fold it back up, dip it in water, and scrub it down.


Grillo was created by Mirko Bocek, Martin Oberhauser, and Alain Brideson of formAxiom, a boutique Italian design firm, who took deliberate aim at streamlining the traditional camping grill. The team outlined their goals on the formAxiom website:

“The mission was to design [an] ultra-portable barbecue which is not only light and very packable, but also offers a substantial cooking height and safe structure. To do this, a whole new direction needed to be taken and think beyond what the portable barbecue is today. After much exploration, the unique umbrella-like folding method was discovered. The simple, sturdy tripod footing is most suitable for uneven surfaces and the flower-petal cooking surface is not only artistic but has the ability to fold itself into a miraculously small package.”


Grillo is still in the pre-production phase, but the creators hope to launch the product by summer 2015 once they’ve worked out a few kinks in the design. For example, lightweight and foldable meant ditching the metal shell typical of traditional grills which, while bulky and unwieldy, help keep fire and embers away from dry leaves, grasses, and other summer inflammables.


Hopefully they’ll be able to puzzle out the next set of challenges as elegantly, and artfully, as they did the first.

Grillo by formAxiom

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